Thursday, November 5, 2015

Crochet Multiples

Many times while browsing for a crochet stitch or pattern, you will notice it tells you to chain a multiple of X number. You will need the correct multiple to avoid having to frog your work (learn more Crochet Slang) because of chaining too few or too many.

A 'multiple' is the number you get as a result (or your answer) when dividing by a given number.

In other words, a 'multiple' is a number you get after the ‘ = ’ sign in the table of multiplication.

The good news is that crochet patterns are very specific. It will clearly say what multiple is needed in order to complete the stitch for the pattern.

Let's say, I want to make a really wide blanket where the instructions tell me to chain a multiple of 12. Then I would either think of what are the multiples of 12 or look up the handy table below and pick depending on the length of the chain desired.

12 x 1 =  12
12 x 2 =  24
12 x 3 =  36
12 x 4 =  48
12 x 5 =  60
12 x 6 = 72
12 x 7 =  84
12 x 8 =  96
12 x 9 =  108
12 x 10 = 120
12 x 11 = 132
12 x 12 = 144

Let’s say, I need a chain that will be long enough for a blanket and it needs to be a multiple of 12. I might pick 108. Okay, so 108 is a multiple of 12, like the directions of the pattern told me. I will chain 108.

Often times, it will also say, “chain a multiple of 12 (in this case) + 2.

That means I will chain 108, 2 more chains which will equal a total of 110 chains.

Hope this has been helpful to you. Let me know in the comments if it makes sense. Looking forward to hearing from you!

~ Fabi 

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