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Crochet Dishcloths - Everything You Wanted to Know

Guide to Crochet Dishcloths - Everything You Wanted to Know

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10 Reasons to Crochet Dishcloths



35+ FREE Crochet Dishcloths Patterns Round Up

This post is part of a series of post related to Crochet Dishcloths - Everything You Wanted to Know

First Post: 10 reasons to crochet dishcloths
Second Post: What type of yarn to use to crochet dishcloths? 
Third Post: FREE Discloth Patterns <--you are here! 
Fourth Post: How to Care for Your Crochet Dishcloths? 
Fifth Post:  Guide to Sell Handmade Crochet 

FREE Crochet Dishcloths Patterns Round Up

15 FREE Patterns for Crochet Dishcloths/Washcloths - Compiled by The Stitchin Mommy 

20 FREE Patterns to Crochet Dishcloths - Compiled by Oombawka Design Crochet

What Type of Yarn to Use to Crochet Dishcloths? Frequently Asked Questions

Crochet Dishcloths are the one project everyone who crochets has made at one point or another. In reality, it is the one project beginners and crochet teachers turn to when teaching (or learning) to crochet. That is because it is a very simple project, like some sort of admission test to the hobby. 

This post is part of a series of post related to Crochet Dishcloths - Everything You Wanted to Know

First Post: 10 reasons to crochet dishcloths
Second Post: What type of yarn to use to crochet dishcloths? <--you are here! 
Third Post: FREE Dishcloth Patterns
Fourth Post: How to Care for Your Crochet Dishcloths?
Fifth Post: Guide to Sell Handmade Crochet

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how to make crochet dishcloths

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Can I Use Any Yarn to Make Crochet Dishcloths?

You could use any yarn that you have on hand to make a dishcloth, like a sports yarn or acrylic as long as it is as a try-out. If you are looking to keeping your dishcloth and using it, then I recommend using the right yarn. 

So What is The best yarn to use when making a crochet dishcloth?

The best type of yarn you will use for making crochet dishcloths is cotton yarn

Why Use Cotton Yarn to Make Crochet Dishcloths?

Cotton Yarn is durable, strong, meant to get wet and be used A LOT. 

Cotton Yarn allows a project to hold its shape. Cotton does not stretch. 

Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton is an excellent choice to make crochet dishcloths. 

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Yarn is another very good option that will hold multiple washes!  

Lily Sugar 'n Cream is a widely used cotton yarn used to make dishcloths. In fact, the dishcloths made for my Most-Visited FREE pattern in this blog, Summer Breeze V-Stitch Dishcloths, were crocheted using this type of cotton yarn. I loved the rich colors and it crochets really well. Use a good hook and you are good to go! 

Other Patterns Made Using Cotton Yarn:

Crochet Towel Holder FREE Pattern

Crochet Tea Bag Holder FREE Pattern 

6 Key Points to Sell Handmade Crochet

Crocheting is fun, relaxing, and you get to  make beautiful things with a hook and yarn. You post a picture online showing your friends and family what you just made (or learned to make!). 

Next thing you know, people are sending you messages asking you to sell them your creations. 

Why not? Some extra cash would be nice AND you get to do what you love.  Sounds about right?

Selling Crochet is a fun endeavor. You get to pick the patterns, yarn, price, and how much you want to sell. 

Since there are many people are selling on Etsy and Amazon....
In a highly-competitive environment, 

Let me just tell you a few things:

You are your work are highly valuable

You are meant to stand out for what you do

Don't settle for less

In order to sell your handmade crochet, YOU need to stand out within the crowd. There are THOUSANDS of pages where people just like you are posting their items, hoping to sell them.

Only SOME actually sell. 

The secret? 6 key points to Sell Handmade Crochet

Guide to Sell Handmade Crochet 

1. Pick a Niche -  Focus on ONLY one type of item or even ONE pattern. 

2. Take beautiful pictures -- see this post where I show you how to take the BEST pictures of your items. 

3. Choose KEY words used for your listings

4. Charge 2 times your cost

5. Choose pretty packaging

6. Pick a time of the month (or quarter) where you plan on shipping

How to Care for Crochet Dishcloths

Crochet Dishcloths are very easy to care for! I have been making my own crochet dishcloths for years now using my FREE Summer Breeze V-Stitch Pattern

This post is part of a series of post related to Crochet Dishcloths - Everything You Wanted to Know

First Post: 10 reasons to crochet dishcloths
Second Post: What type of yarn to use to crochet dishcloths? 
Third Post: FREE Dishcloth Patterns
Fourth Post: How to Care for Your Crochet Dishcloths? <--you are here! 
Fifth Post:  Guide to Sell Handmade Crochet 

How to Care for Crochet Dishcloths?

I use my Crochet Dishcloths to clean counters, dust, clean off the stove and then I just toss them in the washer. Just wash them with cold water in a gentle cycle and dry in the dryer. Then use them again! That's it! 

Why Crochet Dishcloths? 10 Reasons to Crochet Dishcloths

Crochet dishcloths is a classic crochet project, enjoyed by beginners or advanced crocheters. Often times, you may wonder why on earth bother making a crochet dishcloth? Well, let me tell you that there are actually quite a few good reasons why you would want to spend an afternoon crocheting dishcloths. People everywhere have memories of the crochet dishcloths they used to see at home on the counter; other perhaps even remember their own grandmothers crocheting when they could. Crochet dishcloths carry memories and love that is passed from generation to generation. 

One of my most popular FREE Crochet Pattern in this blog is my Summer Breeze Crochet Dishcloth that features the V-Stitch. You can can get the FREE pattern in the link. These dishcloths have been used for years in my home, the stitches have remained intact, and the bumps created from the V-Stitch help me clean my stove really well. 

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Why Make Crochet Dishcloths

Why Crochet Dishcloths?

It is a Frugal Option - Making your own dishcloths helps you save money in buying paper towels, which can get pricey and still ends up in the trash. Paper towels are constantly getting disposed. Therefore, invest in good yarn for dishcloths, set time aside to crochet some dishcloths, and you are all set!  Choosing an area of frugality, allows you to spend more in other areas. 

It is Environmentally Friendly - The use of crochet dishcloths guarantees that paper is not getting wasted. It is good for the environment when we help reduce paper waste.

It is Durable - Crochet dishcloths can be washed and used over and over. Pretty much everything made in crochet will last for years!!!

It is an opportunity to learn a New Crochet Stitch - When you make a new dishcloth, you can play around with new stitches by adjusting the number of multiples.  The best part is you get to complete a project without committing to making a huge project large blanket just to learn a new stitch. 

It is gratifying - Using crochet dishcloths is satisfying because you are using an item you made yourself to help you clean. It makes you proud of your skills!

It cleans really well - When you make a dishcloth, choose a stitch that has texture to it. Spray your favorite chemical-free cleaning product and then use your crochet dishcloth to wipe off the area. I recommend using stitches that create a bumpy surface, those are great to clean off food off counters and stoves. 

It allows you to color code the dishcloths - Make crochet dishcloths in different colors so that you can assign them to be used in different areas of your home. One color may be used in the kitchen only, another color may be used for windowsills only. Using a color coded system will also be helpful for washing. 

It  makes a Personal Gift - When you crochet a stack of crochet dishcloths for a friend or a Housewarming Gift, you are giving a very thoughtful and caring gift. 

It is memorable - The person who receives a crochet dishcloth will remember YOU for your thoughtfulness. In the same way, when you make a crochet dishcloth for yourself, YOU will remember where you were at the time you made it. 

It gives you time to relax - When we slow down and complete a project in the coziness of our home (or your favorite space), you are able to relax and connect better with everyone around you. After all, crochet does help reduce the stress hormone and helps you release happy hormones (serotonin) when you see you made something with your very own hands. 

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Basic Crochet Supplies to Make Amigurumi and FREE Amigurumi Patterns

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Amigurumi is any object that has been crocheted and stuffed. Some examples would be crochet food, crochet animals, crochet cactus. 

Amigurumi Basics

1. It uses a smaller hook to create a tighter stitch, so the stuffing stays inside. 
It is crochet in the round.
2. It uses increase and decrease stitches throughout the pattern to give desired shape.
3. All pieces/parts/limbs are crocheted separately and attached.

You can be as creative as you wish when making an amigurumi. You can add emotion to your shape adding eyes, cheeks, and more. 

Are you a visual learner, sign up for an online class through Craftsy to learn how to make an amigurumi.  Other classes available include How to Design Your Own Amigurumi Monster

I saw it on Craftsy

Learn from the Best: Kristi designer of Crochet Owls on Craftsy

Some examples of amigurumi projects: 

What do you need to make an amigurumi?

Amigurumi Basic Supplies

Additional Supplies to Crochet Amigurumi


Add character to your amigurumi food and animals using safety eyes. Get even more creative using different eye colors!


Create eye expressions using embroidery floss. Use your bent edge needle to weave in amigurumi.


Use the poly-stuffing to stuff amigurumi. It will make the new crochet toys extra squishy and soft.

Cotton Yarn


Cotton yarn will be the softest and most durable yarn to use for making an amigurumi.

Amigurumi Crochet Patterns 

Use an amigurumi pattern to make a new project. Some FREE patterns from my blog:

Paid Amigurumi patterns I have tried and loved:


Beautiful pattern collection of amigurumis!!!!! What will you make first?

Have you made an amigurumi? 

What have you made? 

What amigurumi will you make?


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